• Entrance fees- Ksh. 1,000/= non- refundable
  • Rejoining after withdrawal Ksh. 1000/=
  • Minimum contribution-Ksh. 3000/=
  • Monthly BBF contribution of Ksh. 500/=
  • Share capital- Ksh. 20,000/=
  • Eligible for a loan after 3 months
  • Can join even after retirement as a cash member or still retain his PF NUMBER paying through pension and enjoy segmented products and services.


  • Minimum monthly deposit contributions of Ksh 6,000/=
  • Monthly BBF Contribution Ksh. 500/=
  • Minimum deposits of Ksh 1,000,000/=
  • O’ level certificate of education
  • Must apply through the nomination committee and must comply with all by-laws.
  • Not delinquent, sound mind and have leadership qualities


  • Minimum monthly deposit contributions of Ksh 3, 000/=
  • Monthly BBF Contribution Ksh. 500/=
  • Minimum total deposits of Ksh 500,000/=
  • Must be 18yrs and above
  • O’ level certificate of education or its equivalent
  • Not delinquent, sound mind and have leadership qualities and zero tolerance on corruption
  • Once elected, you can serve for one term of 3yrs but are eligible for re-election
  • Fulfill Sec 6 of Kenya Constitution


For more information about delegates, kindly contact:

Tel: 0723621285
Tel: 0789762598


  • Form duly completed i.e. telephone, contact address, current pay slip not a photocopy
  • Any changes in the loan form must be countersigned for.
  • Signed with consistent signature
  • Guarantors informed of their liability and must assert their signatures
  • Must be stamped and signed by the employer.
  • Must be signed by branch/county official.
  • Loan form must be completed by one person.
  • Loans must be payable on a monthly basis. A default of 3 months will be listed with CRB (Credit Reference Bureau).
  • This will affect your access to credit facilities from other financial institutions for the next 5 years.
  • All loans shall be disbursed through Fosa accounts.
  • N:B No member shall have fosa pride and pride reloaded at the same time
  • Normal loans are disbursed after 30 days and emergency loans after 2 hours unless otherwise.
  • 1/3 rule on basic salary/income applies to all loans applications
  • B: A member can qualify for a maximum of 2 short-term loans and 1 long-term loan and all should be running on the payslip.
  • Member should tick or specify loan to be cleared by Fosa.
  • Member to obtain a statement from the society for any loan clearance by other financial institutions. Members should not use the payslip balance.
  • Sufficient guarantors must be provided for all loan applications.
  • The member’s loan form must be witnessed.
  • Remember the declaration part is mandatory i.e. the member’s consent on any form is vital.


  • Guarantor s deposits must equal the amount applied.
  • In case of any loan, default guarantors are jointly and severally liable. Guarantors will be notified and fed after three months default. For the business members, their cases will be forwarded to the society’s prequalified auctioneers as per the credit policy.


  • Every member must contribute Ksh. 20,000/= as share capital.
  • New members should top up their shares to kshs.20,000/=
  • Can only be transferable and not withdrawable
  • Earn dividend as determined from time to time.
  • The share capital is not used for loan eligibility.
  • Can increase share capital through dividend capitalization

Normal Withdrawal

  • Fill the withdrawal form
  • Produce alternative guarantors (where applicable).
  • Processed within 60 working days
  • The repayable amount credited in the member’s Fosa account


  • Every member is required to fill a nominee form.
  • In case of more than one nominee then indicate their proportions.
  • The nominees can be changed from time to time depending on the wish of the member when she/he is still alive.

Requirements on death claims

  • Chief’s letter indicating all beneficiaries
  • Fill in a withdrawal form
  • Copy of Death Certificate certified by CIC
  • Sworn Affidavit/marriage certificate
  • Claimed within six (6) months. Failure to which claims cannot be made due to time-lapse.
  • Paid to next of kin indicated in the file

i) Requirements on BBF claims-member

  • Burial permit or Death Certificate.
  • Notification of death by a delegate
  • Beneficiary to complete a BBF claim form
  • Marriage certificate/sworn affidavit
  • Copy of death certificate to be certified with CIC and be delivered to the office within six (6) months.
  • Entitled to Ksh 50,000/= for burial expenses

ii) Requirements on BBF claims-spouse

  • Burial permit or mortuary admission sheet.
  • Notification of death by delegate and beneficiary
  • Must be in our records
  • Marriage certificate/sworn affidavit
  • Copy of death certificate to be certified with CIC and be delivered to the office within six (6) months.
  • Eligible for one wife/husband.
  • Entitled to Kshs 25,000/= for burial expenses

iii) Requirements on BBF claims-Child

  • Burial permit or Death Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Must be in our records
  • Eligible for a maximum of four children.
  • Entitled to Kshs 20,000/=


  • Any banker’s cheque presented by the member for loan clearance will take a grace period of 3 days.
  • Upon cheque clearance by our bank, the member’s stoppage and clearance letter will be issued.


  • Members qualify 3 times their savings on their first loan but can be varied according to their contribution history.
  • Must have a chattel mortgage endorsed by our lawyer at a cost of Ksh 2000/= if no guarantors on payroll provided.
  • Attach his /her bank statement for the last 6 months.
  • Loan repayment and deposit contribution can be done through a standing order or direct banking through FOSA


  • The society is governed by the constitution, Society’s Act of 2004, Society’s rules, SASRA rules and regulations, and society bylaws.
  • Any society dispute can be resolved through the tribunal


  • Members with Fosa loans should not maintain the net salary at Zero.
  • Overdraft facility is NOT allowed in Fosa.
  • Members with Fosa loans must not change their pay points until their loans have been fully recovered. If this happens, then the loans will be fed in their payslips
  • Members with Fosa loans running should not interfere with their pay slips by taking interests from their employers.


  • Go to a computer with internet
  • Open a browser i.e. Mozilla, internet explorer
  • In the search bar type
  • On the right, you will see a download section
  • Select the type of form in need
  • Select it and a prompt will appear asking you to open
  • Select open and the form opens
  • Then print the form and fill it
  • Finally scan and send the duly filled form to


  • ID Photocopy
  • 2 Passport photo size
  • Signature Sample
  • PIN Certificate